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How Universal Publishing Production Music Works For Musicians

Universal-publishing-production-musicBy Andrew Apanov of Dotted Music and Stand Above The Noise.

Want your music to be used in films or games? Have a CD that came out five years ago, but never sold well, and don’t know what you can do with it now? Well, you have something to learn from major labels.

The new issue of Stand Above The Noise features an interview with Corinna C. Poeszus, General Manager of Universal Publishing Production Music (Germany).

We conducted the chat on the roof of the Universal building in Berlin, a place journalists don’t have access to usually, as well as inside Corinna’s office, where she was kind enough to show us some of UPPM’s most successful projects.

So what is Universal Publishing Production Music and how can this knowledge be useful to you? Watch the video below for the answers:

How Universal Publishing Production Music Works

00:33 – About Corinna C. Poeszus

01:42 – Comparing the music industry of present and the past

02:09 – How major labels started making money after the recording crisis hit

04:00 – Why making music "free"

04:25 – What UPPM does exactly

05:46 – How a production company works with your existing composition

07:06 – How an artist can get a deal with UPPM

10:30 – SPECIAL: Conversation inside Corinna's office in Universal Berlin


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