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Pandora Shares January Audience Stats, Active Users Drop

image from Pandora just shared monthly metrics for January 2013. Listener hours for the month hit 1.39 billion, an increase of 47% from 952 million during the same period last year. But active listeners dropped to 65.6 million from 67.1 in the previous month.  Pandora's share of total U.S. radio listening is now at 8.03%, an increase from 5.55% at last year.

Active listeners were 65.6 million at the end of January, an increase of 38% from 47.6 million during the same time period last year.

Pandora is now releasing key audience metrics on a monthly basis.

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  1. Actually that is, for the first time since August, zero growth in Listener Hours and negative growth in Active Listeners. For December 2012 Pandora had:
    Listen Hours: 1.39 billion
    Active Listeners: 67.1 million
    So month-month growth rate to January is:
    (Jan-Dec)/Dec * 100
    Listen Hours: (1.39-1.39)/1.39 * 100 = 0
    Active Listeners: (65.6-67.1)/67.1 * 100 = -2.24%
    Year/Year seems more impressive and it is post-holiday boom but quite an absolute drop in active listeners (1.5 million fewer users), indicating they may have a real problem with user retention.

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