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SXSW Announces 2013 Music Accelerator Finalists

image from cdn.stereogum.comMore than five hundred companies submitted their web-based products to the fifth annual SXSW Accelerator. The SXSW Music Accelerator finalists will showcase their products before judges during SXSW on March 13. Here are the music tech startup chosen as finalists and alternates:

Chelmsford, MA

AudioCommon is a team of musicians and hackers redefining the way
music is created in today's interconnected world. Through our online
platform,musicians and the greater audio production community can build
decentralized teams, comment directly on multi-track waveforms, and
collaborate in new ways during critical stages of the creative process.

Berkeley, CA

BioBeats is creating the future of adaptive media, a world where our
apps and devices understand and adapt to the way we feel. We are
creating technologies that leverage biometric data to react to our
emotional and physiological states, dynamically creating and discovering
music that is appropriate to that state.

San Francisco, CA

Founded by lifelong friends Alex Fortunato and Laird Hayward,
FoxSpring Labs has a passion for creating intuitive mobile applications
to share multimedia. Their first release CrowdSync puts users in the
director's chair, changing how people watch, share and edit
user-generated content with its proprietary technology.

Molecule Synth
Portland, OR

Molecule Synth is a physical electronics modular synthesizer and
experimenter's design set. It is an utterly unique musical instrument,
combining LEGO-like interchangeability with Synthesizers & Physical
Electronics. Design Your Own Instrument, configure and shape the
Molecule Synth into entirely new combinations each time you play.

London, UK

ROLI is a music technology start-up using intuitive design to
createintegrated hardware and software interfaces that increase
thebandwidth of interaction between humans and computers. We
buildground-breaking products-based on our patent-pending SEA
Interfacetechnology-that enhance the ways our customers physically
engage withthe digital world.

San Francisco, CA

TastemakerX is a social game for music discovery. The platform
allows users to express musical tastes and preferences by building
virtual collections of the artists they love, and connect with
like-minded music fans. TastemakerX is free to join and is currently
available on iOS.

Vela App
Viejo, CA

Vela App is a start-up company whose mission is to bring voice
control to music. Vela (Voice Electronic Listening Assistant) is a music
aggregator app for iPhone that allows you to voice control on demand
music from Spotify, Rdio, and more soon.

Dublin, Ireland

WholeWorldBand is a platform where anyone can earn money by
recording their own music or adding to others in sound and vision.
RECORD- your own music, or add to someone else's MIX- yourself with up
to five other performers to create your own unique video EARN- revenue
from your performances.

San Francisco, CA

Playground finds handmade playlists just for you. Instantly listen
to music you'll love from your friends, world famous DJs, and people who
share your taste in music. Its super fun, ridiculously easy, and 100%

San Francisco, CA

Pulselocker is the first on-demand streaming and subscription music
service that gives DJs access to millions of tracks, playable on the
most popular mixing apps, online or off. With Pulselocker, DJs can:
Stream full-length tracks; Download and DJ tracks out – before they buy;
and Buy only the ones they want.

New York, NY

Stereotypes is a group chat app for people who enjoy music and need
help keeping in touch with friends. With an interface optimized for
sharing, talking about and listening to music, Stereotypes helps you
keep in touch in a meaningful yet effortless way, and our users feel
closer to friends whenever they listen to music.


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