Music Ticketing News: Limited Run, Eventbrite x Facebook, TapCanvas, Ticketmaster

Tapcanvas-eventbriteRecent music ticketing news includes the launch of a ticket selling module on Limited Run's D2F ecommerce platform. Eventbrite quickly integrated their services with Facebook's newly launched "Buy Tickets" button and also partnered with TapCanvas to add a ticket sales widget to their mobile app builder. And Ticketmaster is preparing an onsite secondary ticket sales option in addition to adding free digital ticket transfers.

Limited Run Adds Ticket Selling Module to D2F Platform

Limited Run, an ecommerce platform for D2F label and artist sales, rolled out its Ticket Selling Module earlier this month.

Features include multi-user Will Call check-ins, integrated guest list options, maps to the venue, 24 hour email reminders for ticket buyers, SoundCloud integration on the ticket page and much more all for a 25 cent service fee per fan.

Eventbrite Integrates with Facebook Buy Tickets Button

Facebook recently added Buy Tickets buttons to Events pages. Eventbrite quickly moved to integrate their services with the new offering:

"We enhanced our one-click 'Publish to Facebook' feature to seamlessly incorporate your Eventbrite event page URL into the new 'Buy Tickets' link on Facebook Events when you publish an event to your Facebook Page. This means you don't have to do any additional work to take advantage of this new eye-catching link — just hit 'Publish to Facebook' on Eventbrite and you're all set!"

"Right now, this 'Buy Tickets' feature is only available for events created by a Facebook Page (not by individuals). When Facebook decides to roll this feature out to all Facebook events, this will be available to everyone!"

TapCanvas Adds Eventbrite Widget to Mobile App Builder

Mobile app maker TapCanvas has partnered with Eventbrite for an in-app widget:

"We are excited to announce the release of a new Ticketing widget powered by Eventbrite. Now organizers can promote and sell tickets for upcoming events to a highly engaged audience directly within a TapCanvas app."

Ticketmaster to Add Secondary Ticket Sales

Ticketmaster, in addition to adding digital ticket transfers for free transfer of tickets via purchasers' Ticketmaster accounts, is planning an onsite ticket resale marketplace to benefit from secondary ticket sales:

"Ticketmaster's owner, Live Nation, plans to start offering the ability to resell tickets on the site within a few months' time. The move will allow content owners, venues and other participants to benefit when tickets get resold for higher prices."

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