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Ticketmaster Adds Digital Ticket Transfer

image from www.offbeat.comLive Nation's event ticketing division Ticketmaster, has announced a new digital ticket transfer system, allowing ticket purchasers to transfer tickets to others at no cost through their Ticketmaster account. Additionally, digital transfer via mobile devices will also be possible through the Ticketmaster App this spring in time for the start of the summer concert season.

The system works through barcodes, the original barcode is invalidated and the recipient receives a digital ticket with a reissued barcode, enabling the transfer of paper ticket to digital, print at home tickets to digital, etc.

"We are fanatical about making the ticket buying process more fan-friendly," said Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino. "Our Ticket Transfer lets buyers transfer their tickets to others for free online and is the most trustworthy, fastest, easiest, and environmentally-conscious way ever introduced." – via CelebrityAccess

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