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Top 10 Social Music Brands From Venture Harbour’s Music Industry Social 100

Music-industry-social-100Though Facebook fans and Twitter followers are not the final word in social media presence, comparing follower counts can sometimes lead to surprising findings. That's certainly the case with Venture Harbour's Music Industry Social 100, taken from an initial list of 500 brands, which contains some surprises including the top 2 record labels and the strong showing of music instrument and gear companies.

Venture Harbour's Music Industry Social 100 is a straightforward proposition that compares the Facebook fans and Twitter followers of major music brands including those of record labels, streaming music services and music gear/instrument companies. In the case of brands with multiple accounts, Venture Harbour went with each of the most popular accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Top 10 Social Music Brands

1) YouTube – 92,970,897

2) iTunes - 28,783,496

3) Pandora - 5,090,634

4) Gibson –  4,236,485

5) Spotify – 3,811,993

6) Rolling Stone – 2,348,000

7) Pitchfork – 2,189,000

8) Deezer – 1,992,207

9) Amazon Mp3 – 1,861,031

10) Soundcloud – 1,653,634

Though Gibson is the only gear/instrument company in the top 10, if you look at the Top 10 Gear companies Fender is not that far below Soundcloud's following with a healthy presence for other big gear and instrument brands.

That surprised me because I don't follow that space but seeing Amazon Mp3 at no. 9 overall caught me by surprise. I was also not expecting the top 2 of the Top 10 Record Labels to be independent dance music labels Spinnin Records and Armada Music.

Venture Harbour also broke out the Top 10 Streaming music services with a mix of companies that I think is actually more representative of where people stream music than lists that might focus on Pandora and Spotify while leaving out YouTube and Soundcloud.

It would be interesting to take a closer look at how these companies built their following, especially if some are more actively offering special deals or other inducements for Facebook Page Likes and Twitter followers.


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