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Vinyl News: Ambassador Jack White, Beat Delete Crowdfunds OP Vinyl, We Buy White Albums

Ambassador-jack-whiteNo doubt some are still saying the resurgence of vinyl is a fad but it's deep in subculture territory at this point. Jack White is the 2013 Ambassador for Record Store Day and that is as it should be. Ninja Tune recently led the launch of Beat Delete to crowdfund out-of-press vinyl and Rutherford Chang is exhibiting and expanding his massive collection of copies of The Beatles' White Album. Plus, bonus linkage!

Ambassador Jack White

Jack White has been appointed 2013 Ambassador for Record Store Day:

Tour United Record Pressing with Jack White

"Let's wake each other up."

And go shopping! April 20th at your local record store.

Crowdfund Out-of-Press Vinyl with Beat Delete

Ninja Tune recently organized multiple labels to launch Beat Delete, a crowdsourcing platform to fund the reisse of out-of-press albums and singles on vinyl.

An unnamed "employee at Ninja Tune" came up with this awesome idea in the wake of the London Riots in which a warehouse housing vinyl burned destroying the stock of a wide range of vinyl releases.

And they're not going to name the guy?

We Buy White Albums

Side One of 100 White Albums Digitized & Layered

"We Buy White Albums" is an art exhibition by Rutherford Chang running through March 9th in NYC:

"Pursuing an interest in exhaustive cataloguing, Chang has collected over 650 first-pressings of the Beatles' White Album. He considers the serialized first-press, an edition running in excess of 3 million, to be the ultimate collector’s item, and aims to amass as many copies as possible. Over the course of his Session, Chang will create an archive, listening library, and anti-store to house and grow his collection of the Beatles’ iconic record."

"Chang will create a record store that stocks only White Albums. But rather than selling the albums, he will buy more from anyone willing to part with an original pressing in any condition."

Interview & Photos: Rutherford Chang

What, No Lawsuit?

Is Amoeba Music's Vinyl Vaults a Copyright Time Bomb?

My Beautiful Preciousssss:

Feb. 3 – Record(s) Of The Week

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