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Which Grammy Nominees Have The Most Social Media Buzz? [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from greatfinds.icrossing.comWhich Grammy nominees are most
active on social media? To find it out, marketing tech firm Silverpop, took a at the 6 most-nominated artists: fun., Kanye West, Mumford &
Sons, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean and The Black Keys, and how they communicate with their fans.

From Jan. 4 through Feb. 3, Silverpop monitored email,
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SMS / text and more to see how socially active the nominees are. A few of the infographic’s insights:

  • Mumford & Sons was the most multichannel—they
    even personalize emails messages
  • Frank Ocean was the most active tweeter of all
    nominees—Jay-Z was the least
  • Mumford & Sons had the most active MySpace page,
    averaging over 4,000 plays per day
  • Kanye West was the most popular Twitter user – he
    gained 138,604 followers with 7 tweets

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