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Winners of Music Hack Day SF 2013

Music-hack-day-sf-2013By Eliot Van Buskirk of

Music Hack Day San Francisco 2013 — the latest iteration of this itinerant gathering of software- and hardware-hacking music technology wizards — happened this past weekend, while the rest of us were getting ready to be sad about whatever happened on Downton Abbey (don’t tell me). In order of presentation, here are all the winners from Music Hack Day SF 2013. (selected winners will present their creations at SF Music Tech on Tuesday):

SoundCloud’s prize: Neural Synchrony (direct link)

Gracenote’s prize: Mixed Tweets (direct)

Spotify’s prize: GestSynch

Roqbot’s prize: Live Crowdsourced Concert Visuals with LSD (direct)

Twilio’s prize: Biscuit Orchestra

TokBox’s prize: TokBox Ukulele (direct)

The Echo Nest’s (publisher of prizes: Biscuit Orchestra and Inspiration

Rdio’s prizes: Tweedio and Sing Along With Me; bonus prize: DJ Wizard (direct)

Pandora’s prize: Mugatu ”playable piano key necktie”

Mashape’s prize: Nightingale (direct)

musiXmatch’s prize: Nightingale (direct)

Mashery’s prize: DJ Wizard (direct)

Music Hack Day SF 2013 was organized by The Echo Nest, TokBox, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

(image via MHD San Francisco)

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