BandPage Expands With Fan Experiences Platform

image from upload.wikimedia.orgBandPage today announced the addition "Experiences", a self-service platform to market and monetize the artist-fan relationship through unique fan experiences. Dozens of startups are focused on direct-to-fan, and several are already experimenting with fan experiences. But BandPage enters the space with the 500,000 musicians already using it's services.

At launch, BandPage Experiences has offerings from 50 artists at all stages of their careers from George Clinton to 
Nataly Dawn of Pomplamooose, Los Rakas to Slightly Stoopid, and Stars to Zakk Wylde. Some examples:

"Our goal since launching BandPage has been to build useful tools that help musicians make money," BandPage CEO J Sider told Hypebot. "Experiences is the latest extension of that mission."

BandPage Experiences"Experiences should also help musicians make deeper connections with fans through memories rather than just downloads,
CDs and t-shirts." Sider continued. He promised more D2F innovation in the coming months, and has doubled the BandPage team to more than 40 to accomplish it.

The company is opening Experiences to more artists gradually over the coming weeks, with a full rollout by summer. To get on the list, log into your BandPage account on the
Experiences tab and sign up. The company retains 15% of all Experience transactions including credit card fees.

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    1. Looks like a pretty blatant (and lame) copy of that Tunezy website you guys blogged about two weeks ago.
      Sad to see these once trend setting music companies lose their ability to innovate…

    2. Or… just tell people to buy your used toothpick (or what have you) via PayPal and lose 2.9% vs. 15%… Next…

    3. Interesting model that will likely attract several players, if it works. The real success factor will be scale; given BandPage’s existing relationships with 500,000+ artists, they’ve got a running start.

    4. So they should innovate just to innovate??
      If they can get inspired by other websites and give added value to their customers they’re doing proper business.

    5. until one fan has a bad experience, or a musician flakes out. Then what? Does Bandpage have to hand hold these exchanges for quality control?

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