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BitTorrent's Legitimacy Offensive: Media Appearances, Patent, Alex Day's Million Downloads

Bittorrent-logoBitTorrent continues making strong moves to support legitimate uses of their service while extending the potential of their technology. Such efforts include multiple media appearances as well as the recent launches of BitTorrent Live, a live streaming service for which they've filed a patent, and SoShare. In addition, Alex Day builds his brand with over a million downloads of his recent BitTorrent release.

Though discussion of filesharing remains mostly polarized, increasing numbers of artists are finding ways to take advantage of the technology and BitTorrent is encouraging such developments in multiple ways.

Ondi Timoner Interviews BitTorrent Figures on Uses of the Technology

Recent music, tech and media appearances include:

BitTorrent is not a crime. It’s a well-funded, revenue generating machine - PandoDaily article related to above video.

Solving the Internet's Congestion Problem - a piece by CEO Eric Klinker on the Harvard Business Review site.

Most Innovative Companies 2013 - Fast Company included them at #31.

BitTorrent at SF Music Tech 2013 - where they appeared on panels and demoed products.

BitTorrent makes nice with artists and fans: ‘We’re not The Pirate Bay’ - Digital Trends piece featuring marketing director Matt Mason.

BitTorrent Patents BitTorrent Live Technology

BitTorrent Live is the most recent open beta launch from BitTorrent Labs. It's a free live streaming service for which they've filed a patent.

BitTorrent Introduces SoShare For Large File Delivery

Their recent introduction of SoShare is being pitched as a useful free service for content creators, which it is:

"SoShare’s a public beta that evolved out of a simple need. As coders, designers, and content creators, we have to deliver large files on a daily basis. We’re not alone, by the way. 3.34 million Americans work in creative industries. And still: there’s no media delivery service for people who work in media. You can’t fit everything into an attachment. Syncing services have caps. Delivery services have limits. SoShare doesn’t."

"Send up to a terabyte of data in one transfer. Yep, a terabyte. Move any file. Of any size. To any number of recipients. Collaborate on projects with friends and co-workers. Ideas are free. And so is SoShare."

Alex Day Reaches a Million Downloads of BitTorrent Release

Alex Day recently released some new music on BitTorrent and reached a million downloads in his first week. He also created a Remix Alex Day Contest using SoShare with winners to be announced April 9th.

I should note that I took TechCrunch's coverage of Alex Day outcharting Justin Timberlake at face value. However, as MusicAlly's Stuart Dredge pointed out, those were midweek figures and Timberlake went on to seize the day.


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