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Consumers Not Using Mobile Facebook For Music [New Study]

image from siliconangle.comA new IDC a survey conducted in conjunction with Facebook looks at how consumers use smartphones. It surveyed 4,446 people aged 18-44 with either iPhones and Android phones. In this chart, you can see how they use Facebook on their smartphones, and it's not for discovery of or listening to music.

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Read the full study here.

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  1. I don’t think people use Facebook for music in general. The great thing about Myspace was that it was ABOUT music, the social media/peer interaction part was secondary. Facebook has always failed terribly in the music area. Sure, you can read a post from your favourite artist, but as far as multimedia, it’s awful and always has been. That isn’t limited to its mobile usage.
    It seems as though Spotify becoming the primary App, with Facebook integrated into it (rather than the other way around) would be more beneficial for artists from a marketing standpoint.

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