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Country 2X More Popular Than EDM With 18-25 Year Olds, Says NPD Study

image from recordfm.tripod.comAccording to a new NPD Group study, country music has passed classic rock, to become America’s most popular music genre. To determine a genre’s popularity, NPD’s “Annual Music Study 2012” surveyed consumers asking not only what they actively listened to, but also the music they purchased and the concerts they attended.

The study showed a 1% in the percentage of country music fans in 2012 (28%), a 2% decline in the percentage of classic rock fans (27%), and no change in the percentage of top-40 fans (19%).

EDM May Get All The Press, But...

NPD found that country music is a popular choice among all age demographics. By contrast, classic rock is most popular among music listeners aged 36 and older. According to NPD, “electronic dance music gets a lot of industry attention these days, but 18-to-25-year-olds are twice as likely to say they are fans of country music. Even among teens, country music ranks third, following rap/hip-hop, and pop/top-40.”