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Festicket Raises $680K For Festival Booking Platform

image from tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.comFounded after experiencing of trying to book a trip from the UK to Coechella in 2011,  festival booking platform Festicket  has just raised $680,000 in new funding.  Investors include France's Kima Ventures,
Jacques-Antoine Granjon of, the UK's #1 Seed and
Playfair Capital, and NYC VC Windcrest Partners.

#1 Seed’s Raj Ramanandi has joined the Board.

UK based Festicket's mission is to make going to a festival as easy as booking a vacation.  The startup says it's already partnered with 40 top Euro[pean festivals, taking a 20% commission on packages that can include tickets, transportation and accommodations. The company says it has 27,000 active members in the EU..

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