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Mixtrss Curates SoundCloud DJ Mixes Using A Popularity & Freshness Algorithm

Mixtrss-591x401By Eliot Van Buskirk of

The cool kids spend all day mining SoundCloud for jams. That’s where you can find not just new releases and remixes, but entire, full-length mixes that weave together samples, the DJ’s voice, and multiple songs, sort of the way a club DJ would do it… which is probably why these mixes tend to include fairly clubby music.

If that is your scene, you need to know about Mixtrss, from Jonathan Kupferman, whose developer day job is at His creation collects these SoundCloud mixes into a neat list you can enjoy even if you don’t have extra time to sink into looking for them, the way the cool kids, who apparently have all the time in the world, do.

This isn’t just a plain list of mixes. It leverages the SoundCloud crowd by applying a Reddit- or Hacker News-style algorithm to the playcount, number of favorites, and the freshness of the mixes to bring you page after page of beloved mixes, starting with the most beloved. In addition, you can look at all the mixes or sort by genre (Bass, Dance, Deep, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, House, Mashup, Techno, Trance, or Trap).

Considering that each mix lasts an hour or two and that many of them can be downloaded to a portable player, that gives you plenty of new music every day, if you enjoy the electronic flavorings of music.

Mixtrss is not for everyone, the same way these DJ-style SoundCloud mixes are not for everyone. But if you enjoy them, you’ll spend a lot less time finding the good ones by bookmarking Mixtrss.


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