More Music For Good: African Education, Sweet Relief, Coldplay vs Landgrabs, WhyHunger

Artists-against-hunger-povertyThe launch of ReverbNation's Music For Good downloads program is an excellent moment to recognize some of the wide range of efforts by musicians and the music industry to support good causes. From the African Children's Choir to Sweet Relief, Oxfam to WhyHunger, numerous opportunities to get involved are readily available.

Crowdfunding Campaign Video for "imba means sing"

"imba means sing" is a documentary project raising funds to spread the word about the African Children's Choir:

"There is an education crisis in our world today and the kids in the African Children's Choir are a beautiful, compelling and entertaining example of how to solve the issues of extreme poverty through education while also sharing the hope, dignity and unlimited potential of Africa's children with our world. It's time for you to know their story and join in their song. "

You can support the documentary or donate directly to the African Children's Choir.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Mobile App

Back in December Conduit rushed their mobile app for Sweet Relief in order to help support the response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

Not surprisingly many musicians support the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. I'd connect you with some links but their site is having difficulties at the moment.

However you can get the Sweet Relief mobile app and find out more via iTunes and Google Play.

In My Place Film: Oxfam & Coldplay

Oxfam and Coldplay are teaming up to address issues related to land grabbing:

"Land grabbing generally refers to large-scale land acquisitions, whereby companies, governments, and individuals buy up large tracts of land in poor, developing countries. This process dislocates and displaces the people who live on the land, without compensation or a voice in the matter."

They're crowdsourcing a video directed by Mat Whitecross, who's directed Coldplay's videos for many years, featuring "fan submissions that echo the theme of displacement" such as "videos and photographs in which they are doing something normally done at home, i.e. shaving, in the totally 'wrong place.'"

You have until March 20th to submit contributions.

WhyHunger: Artists Against Hunger & Poverty

WhyHunger is a multifacted organization working to end hunger by supporting grassroots solutions.

Their Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program mobilizes musicians and the music industry "to raise awareness and funds for the most innovative and effective community-based organizations working to combat hunger and poverty all over the world."

A wide range of artists support WhyHunger and you can too.


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