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NYC Staffer Releases “Official Google Music” Video

image from www.scienceweek.ieAccording to an email we received this morning from NYC Google employee and budding hip hop artist Fink, this music video about Google called includes several other Googlers and shot it in Google's NYC office.  With no offense intended, somehow we doubt that Serge put his personal stamp of approval on what  YouTube calls and "Official Google Video:

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  1. Although I acknowledge that the above guy’s surname seems to be Fink, It only takes a small use of …er… Google, to see that there’s another reasonably successful artist called Fink, who has been sticking out albums since 2006…
    Indeed I first thought it *was* that Fink, although wondered when he’d moved to New York.
    Go figure.

  2. wow. this is like the most lame stupid out of touch thing I’ve ever seen. this is like the official google is old people trying to speak to “young people” thingy… omg…

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