Promote Your Live Shows For Free With StereoPoster

image from vokabkompany.comLooking for a new way to promote your gigs online? You might want to give StereoPoster.com a shot. The service (currently free) allows bands, venues, and promoters to create interactive media players that can be posted or embedded anywhere online — including social networks, blogs, and websites.

A StereoPoster player includes media from the performers, event details, a link to where fans can commit to the event (either through buying tickets or RSVPing), and sharing options.

Here's a player that promotes a show featuring The Flaming Lips and several other bands:

Give it a shot yourself for free at StereoPoster.com and let us know how it works for you.

Bob Baker is the author of three books in the “Guerrilla Music Marketing” series, along with many other books and promotion resources for DIY artists, managers and music biz pros. You’ll find Bob’s free ezine, blog, podcast, video clips and articles at www.TheBuzzFactor.com and www.MusicPromotionBlog.com.

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