How To Build Facebook Likes With Dropify [Case Study]

Darryl-reeves-dillaquarium-mixtapeGuest post from the Dropify Blog.

By the time indies saxophonist Reeves stumbled upon Dropify, he had roughly 1,700 fans on Facebook. His mixtape had already been promoted on several blogs and it was available for stream on SoundCloud and a few hosting services for regular download. Despite the mixtape getting nothing but praise, people hardly found the way to Reeves’ social profiles, including Facebook. Even those who probably would’ve loved to become a fan of his didn’t invest the time to manual look up his Facebook Page. The result? A lost opportunity.

Quick Facts

  • Drop Type: ZIP/MP3 (mixtape)
  • Fan Base: 1,700
  • Time Frame: 1 week
  • Total Downloads: 1,500
  • Viral Reach: 53,000
  • New Fans: 1,400

After reading our article on how to combine SoundCloud with Dropify for increased fan growth, Reeves gave Dropify a shot … with MAJOR impact!


In less than a week his Dropify dashboard displayed more than 1,500 individual downloads. Since Forced Like Gating had been activated, 1,400+ people who downloaded the mixtape became a fan of Darryl Reeves in the process. The other 100 people already had been a fan of his.


By being a subscriber to Dropify’s Small plan, Reeves SO FAR gained 1,400 new fans at just $9 total. That’s only HALF A CENT per new fan!!! Yes, this ain’t no spelling mistake. And let’s not forget that these fans are actually into his music, since they intentionally downloaded a Jazz mixtape. There is a good chance these people will actually interact on his Facebook Page, recommend his music and follow his career in general, since they are a truly engaged. Right now his Facebook Page counts 3,258 fans – almost twice as many as prior to using Dropify.

“I keep my ear to the street when it comes to connecting with new fans. After reading an article about Dropify on Hypebot I gave it a shot and gained 1,400 new facebook fans in less than a week. Dropify’s service is amazing!”Darryl Reeves

To further spread the word, Reeves added the Dropify download tab to his Facebook Page, which also displays his current and future free music available on Dropify.


Clever as he his, Reeves also added a direct download link into the mixtape’s description on YouTube. Do you have free music to share? Get started for free on Dropify.

If you’re into Jazz music you’ve maybe come across the wicked
tunes of Atlanta-based saxophonist Darryl Reeves by now. Not only did he
release his brilliant album “Mercury” last summer, but he also just
cently followed up with a free mixtape titled “The Dillaquarium Mixtape” – a tribute to the great J Dilla.


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