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Spotify CEO Says He Doesn’t Worry What Apple, Google Do In Music

image from"We're obviously watching what everybody is doing," Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, told Forbes during an onstage interview at SXSW Interactive. "Music is something that is so inherently important to people that it makes sense for gigantic companies to have music strategies… But we're focused only on music. Unlike everyone else, like Google and Apple…they have tons of other businesses. For them, music is not a core priority."

"What we do," EK continued, "is wake up every morning and think about how we get more music out to people, how do we get better music? We breathe, eat, and sleep music. These bigger companies don't."

Napster, EK said, changed his life: "We just figured out a way to make it legal and easier…Our main obstacle is giving everyone on the face of this planet more music."

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