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Will Spotify’s First-Ever $10M Ad Campaign Help It Win The Streaming Wars? [VIDEO]


Because_Mixtapes_Still_Work(UPDATE 2) With new music streaming services from Apple, Google, Amazon and Beats' MOG-becomes-'Daisy' preparing for launch, Spotify is working to get ahead of its many competitors with the company's first ever paid advertising campaign.  Scheduled to debut Monday night on NBC's The Voice, the integrated TV, digital, and social campaign
was developed by Droga5 New York.

More & Video Of Ads

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Until now, Spotify has been able to ride it's status as a media darling. Most articles about music streaming begin with Spotify followed by one or two of its many competitors (Rhapsody, Rdio, Pandora, Slacker, MOG, Deezer, etc.).  But to try to fend off pending competition and reach "a mass audience in the US", as the company said in a statement, Spotify needs paid ads with a campaign dubbed "For Music".

Here are the three spots in the Spotify ad campaign. Let us know if you think this will help Spotify win the streaming wars.

"For Music Airing Tonight On "The View"

"Her Song" which targets an older demo.

"Getting Weird", aimed at 18-34 year olds.

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  1. Love the new ads to be honest, even if the music should be a little louder in them but they do communicate a great message we can all relate to.
    Oddly enough that very first picture about mixtapes, never seen that before but just realised how comparable it is when I’m sharing playlists with friends all the time, it’s pretty much swapping mixtapes!

  2. Just terrible:( 10 Million should have went more on the treatments instead of the time buys. These didn’t sell the Spotify brand at all.

  3. It absolutely does not. It’s obvious they are pandering to the demographic & tastes of their potential advertisers & media(RTB) buyers.
    I sold them an ad server while at OpenX, i wasn’t under NDA so there it is. lol.

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