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Steve Gottlieb’s Video Chat Platform Shindig To Stage Online Events For Bands At SXSW

Shindig-logoSteve Gottlieb is likely best known for his indie label TVT Records which was ultimately sold to The Orchard after 25 years of operation. Though he never truly went away, helping found A2IM among other accomplishments, he's back in the game with Shindig, a platform for video chat events. Initially focused on book-related events, Shindig is now adding music to the mix and offering bands at SXSW a special promo opportunity.

I was recently introduced to Shindig by Patricia Joseph who produces events at Shindig and is helping involve the music industry. She has an extensive background in sync licensing including a stint as VP Synch Divisions at TVT.

You can check out multiple videos of events, including some virtual club action and a gathering at the New Music Seminar. The following intro video provides a solid look at Shindig's features though focused on book-related events:

Shindig Video Chat Overview

In many ways Shindig is still under development but the basic idea is that up to two people can present or be on stage at a time with potentially hundreds of audience members. Presenters/performers can take questions from the audience. If you wish to bring an audience member up on stage for a quick dialogue or Q and A session, only one presenter and one audience member can interact in that context. However with some advance planning multiple speakers can be accommodated within those limits.

Shindig is designed to encourage audience interactions with each other. Audience members can chat in pairs or small groups during presentations with the option of controlling audio so they can focus more on each other or on the main presenter.

The possibilities for using Shindig range from the equivalent of DJ rooms to performances to speaking events to conference sessions. Audience members don't have to set up accounts or download anything. In addition, tickets can be sold through Eventbrite, sponsorships are possible and ecommerce widgets can be enabled for monetization.

SXSW Opportunities for Musicians on Shindig

Shindig is carefully selecting specific events as they further develop the platform. They've already hosted EDM concerts as well as some special gatherings for the New Music Seminar. During SXSW Music they're planning daily broadcasts at 4 pm EST and are seeking musicians for online fan meet and greets during the broadcast. They are also open to scheduling special SXSW sessions.

If you have a receptive fanbase that won't be in Austin but would love to connect during SXSW, whether for a meet and greet during their daily broadcast or for a special event, you should contact Shindig right away at: or (212) 699-365.

Shindig can accomodate up to 1000 fans for SXSW events plus:

"You can give VIP access to your biggest fans while you are down at SXSW. You can also play MP3's, show video or perform live as well as sell music or merchandise direct from within the event room."

It sounds like a great opportunity to both maximize your trip to SXSW and to check out Shindig in action.

In addition, founder Steve Gottlieb will be participating in a SXSW panel titled "Unleashing the Power of Video Chat" on Thursday, March 14 from 4 to 6 pm.

Steve Gottlieb recently shared his "Lessons for Book Publishing From the Music Industry’s Digital Street Fight."

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