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#SXSW Music Tech News: BitTorrent, Vimeo, Cinsay, Givit, Crowdsync, Vyclone, FastFan

Austin-texas-shashibellamkonda-flickrSXSW is full of music tech news, some of it during SXSW Interactive and some of it during SXSW Music. Announcements include new offerings from major companies like BitTorrent and Vimeo, launches and updates from smaller companies, winners of the SXSW Music Accelerator and even a list of favorite apps compiled by Digital Trends that includes a number focused on music.

Announcements: BitTorrent Live, Vimeo On Demand

BitTorrent announced that their new livestreaming service, BitTorrent Live, is now available in open Beta.

Vimeo chose SXSW to announce their new Vimeo On Demand service that allows for direct to fan sales of videos that can be viewed on any device.

Cinsay R2RLive Music Event at SXSW

Rags 2 Riches Live takes place March 16 at SXSW. Billed as the "World's First Live Streaming Social Commerce Music Event", the 7-hour event will include a music concert hosted by Diddy and featuring:

Skylar Grey, Kitten, The Tontons, Trevin Hunte, Forever the Sickest Kids, Neo Geo and Remmington

The online event will be powered by Cinsay's embeddable ecommerce video player called a "Smart Store." In-player transactions include ecommerce sales, donations, lead generation and links out to the web.

Givit Video Editing App Adds Social Features

Givit, an iOS video editing app, announced the introduction of a variety of social features.

Apparently there's a music video aspect as well or, perhaps, that's a possiblity emphasized due to their announcement happening at SXSW.

Multiple Bands Using CrowdSync to Record SXSW Shows

Crowdsourcing mobile video platform CrowdSync ventured to SXSW to participate in the Music Startup Village Accelerator this week.

I recently interviewed the cofounders who discussed their product for editing and syncing uploaded videos from live events and turning them into a unique product. They've gotten a number of bands to commit to using Crowdsync during SXSW and the resulting videos will be viewable afterwards on the app.

Participating bands include:

The Polyphonic Spree, La Chiva Gantiva, Child Actor, Tumbleweed Wanderers, The Congregation, So Many Wizards, Social Studies, The Blank Tapes, Dana Falconberry, Body Parts and Agent Ribbons

Vyclone Web Editor Behind the Scenes | Internet Explorer

Vyclone is a live crowdsourced video editing service that isn't expressly for DIY musicians but is quite relevant. In fact, as I recently discussed with the cofounders, they'll work with bands to use soundboard or other high quality audio sources for syncing videos.

Up till now they've been focused on their mobile app but they just announced their new web editor. Apparently it's optimized for, though not limited to, Internet Explorer and is getting some love from Microsoft.

Providing a web-based editor will definitely improve Vyclone's usefulness for creating live concert videos.

FastFan to Debut at SXSW

I'm told that FastFan is debuting this week at SXSW but I'm unclear on what form that debut will take. They describe themselves as a:

"powerful music discovery & promotion platform completely built around the fans– a platform featuring a digital marketplace, filtered by 'crowdscouting', that corrals the power of the internet, gaming and social networking."

You can find out more about what they're doing via this blog post.

SXSW Music Accelerator Winners Announced

Yesterday a number of music startups presented at the SXSW Music Accelerator. Four of them were honored at the event:

Grand Prize Winner: ROLI

Finalist: BioBeats

Finalist: TastemakerX

Best Bootstrap[ped] Company: AudioCommon

Digital Trends' Favorite Mobile Apps

Digital Trends shared their favorite mobile apps in a growing list that includes the following music-related apps:

GRAVIDI – Interactive Video Platform – Music Merch

Jukebox Hero – Social Jukebox & Remote Control Music Player
(iOS ~ Android)

Eevzdrop – Audio-based, Social Media App

Applauze – Event Discovery & Ticket Buying

[Thumbnail of Austin, TX trailer courtesy ShashiBellamkonda.]


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