YouTube Releases Major ‘One Channel’ Redesign [VIDEO TOUR]

image from s.ytimg.comEven as you're scrambling to figure out what the radical redesign of Facebook means to you marketing efforts,  put aside a couple of hours to take advantage of YouTube's new design for channels.  After weeks in limited beta, One Channel went live to all users yesterday.

One Channel  gives users the ability to add a large banner called Channel Art to the top of their channels and add a video into trailer that starts playing for all visitors who aren't subscribed to the channel. There are also new tools to help channel admins organize channel videos and playlists better and have more control over what subscribers see when they click on
the channel.

The new design is intended to offer the same experience across devices and platforms.

Here's an intro video:

To access the new channel layout, go to
and upgrade by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. 

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  1. It’s frikkin crap. Anyone who thinks differently has absolutely no experience in branding. What a generic piece of crap. A thin tiny cover photo that is the only branding across an entire huge pallet of white generic background. What happened to the branded channel backgrounds many companies worked so hard to create to really showcase the brand and spent money on? Now we have WHITE. We lost the ability to link to more than three social networks, loss of placement for channel description and info up top. What a complete mess. Terrible move YouTube. We will be considering other venues for video hosting more seriously now. Bah!

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