6 Key Tactics For Organic Success On Youtube From Hip-Hop Artist Rob Scott

Scott-12YouTube can be a powerful tool that musicians use for promotion and exposure if it’s used well. However, for independent artists, it can be hard to garner a following and views. So how do it gain a following without having to buy views or fans? On Music Think Tank, Benjy Jean Baptiste explains how he was able to organically build a fanbase for the artist he managed, Rob Scott. What strategies have you found that have been effective at building a fanbase using YouTube?

“It is important to break down your material to get the most out of it. What I mean by that is, if you have a music video that you are planning to release, put out behind the scenes footage for that video, put out the song before you put out the video, or put out a snippet before you even release the song.” (Read On)


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