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Backplane Launches Mobile App For Lady Gaga, Nelson Mandela, Bible Series & 11 More

Backplane-appEarlier this week, Backplane announced the release of their new iOS and Android mobile app that appears to be designed to access all Backplane social networks, not just those of Lady Gaga and Guns N' Roses. Though they've only announced 4, including communities for Nelson Mandela and The Bible Series, CEO Matt Michelsen says they have "nearly 20" in total. With heavy lifting by Pooroldabe Lincoln, I bring you a list of 14 Backplane networks including 4 more that are music-related.

Backplane got a lot of attention when they launched Lady Gaga's LittleMonsters social network back in January 2012. At the time most people spoke of Backplane as a project of Troy Carter, Lady Gaga's manager.

However, though LittleMonsters was a Carter/Gaga concept, it inspired CEO Matt Michelsen to launch Backplane to power social communities for a much broader range of stars and brands.

In February I wrote about the appearance of Backplane communities for Guns N' Roses, The Bloody Beetroots and Condé Nast. In the comments for that post a helpful but otherwise unidentified individual known only as "Pooroldabe Lincoln" appeared pointing to a handful of other such networks.

Since then Pooroldabe Lincoln has periodically emailed me with updates on Backplane networks he's identified in the wild and we now have a list of 14 that may or may not represent the full extent of "nearly 20 communities" recently referenced by Matt Michelsen.

Four Networks Officially Announced by Backplane

Lady Gaga – LittleMonsters

Guns N' Roses – Paradise City

Nelson Mandela- Mandela.Is

History Channel's The Bible Series – The Bible Series

Additional Backplane Music-Related Networks

Kanye West's GOOD Music – GOOD Music –

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise

BottleRock Napa – Bottle Rock 2013

A Variety of Big Brands

Cirque du Soleil – Cirque du Soleil

Coke – Coke

Red Bull – Red Bull

The Ornish Spectrum – Feel The Love

In Stealth Mode

Condé Nast – Fingerprints

Nike – Nike

Matt Michelsen can be especially proud of the Mandela network.

The Backplane mobile app, which appears to be designed as an access point for any and all Backplane communities, is available for iOS and Android.


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