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EvntLive Opens To The Public Just In Time To Livestream Free Bon Jovi Concert

Bon-jovi-evntliveLivestreaming concert platform EvntLive opened to the public over the weekend. You don't need an invite, you can sign up now. The launch comes a few days before a free livestream of Bon Jovi but you can get a look at what's up with an archived concert. The short version? It's music concerts shot like broadcast tv for the web.

The currently launched version of EvntLive actually seems pretty simple but in a good way.

On the web, there's a "Featured" tab, a "Discover" tab and a search option. You can choose "Mosaic" view for a sideways scrolling grid feature of band pics and "List" view for a stationary grid of bands with the option to search by genre, alphabetized band names or upcoming shows.

Right now there's a small enough list of artists that it's pretty easy to navigate but, eventually, it might be nice to have a calendar view or similar feature so you can just pick from shows available day of.

EVNTLIVE - Live is our way of life, make it yours

Individual accounts feature your tickets, tracked shows and "Concert Friends" enabled by Facebook.

Most currently scheduled shows are for the 25th and 26th with an interesting range of musicians including Wordsmith and Lauren Mann as well as Bon Jovi.

If you want to check out EvntLive in action right away, you can see an archived show by Eskimo Joe for free which led me to think of this as similar to broadcast tv due to the overall quality. The Bon Jovi show will also be free and likely will showcase the full vision of what an EvntLive broadcast might feature.

In many ways quality is the primary differentiator for EvntLive which one would expect from a startup that's received at least $2.3 million in investment.

EvntLive Offers High-Quality Web Broadcasts to Feed Cord Cutters

EvntLive is not for DIY or small-time indie musicians though there's a lot of room between DIY and Bon Jovi.

So, though livestreaming as a DIY phenomenon championed by so many current platforms is a disruptive phenomenon, EvntLive is a classic example of a sustaining innovation except that it's not sustaining incumbent media companies. EvntLive is positioned to compete directly with broadcast and cable to feed cord cutters.

Overall it's a nice platform that should do well with most ticket prices I'm seeing at $2.99 or $3.99. Bon Jovi is free and, I assume, represents EvntLive's call to the mainstream.

Based on my initial look, I'd say they're off to a great start.


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