Exclusive: Topspin To Test Amazon-Like “Fans Who Bought This Also Bought…” Feature

image from tannerschelle.files.wordpress.comTopspin will soon begin testing a feature which uses purchase histories to recommend other artists that a fan might enjoy. The tests will insert  links to another artist's content at the end of Topspin's automated
emails (download links, receipts, etc). "Our extensive data shows that
if a fan downloads a track from one artist, they are very likely to be
interested in other related artists,"  Bob Moczydlowsky, Topsin's VP for Product & Marketing told Hypebot.

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The data driving the experiment is being pulled from previous Topspin transactions. A fan who bought something by Band A in later downloaded a track from Band B.  Then, when a new fan buys from Band A, they'll get a link to Band B's content on Topspin."Adding recommendation links to our email should increase downloads and sales for everyone," according to Moczydlowsky.

A notice was sent to Topspin's users earlier this week offering the chance to opt out of the tests.

As the testing progresses, Topspin will add additional places where similar offers can be promoted on their platform. The company says they're likely to eventually add a tool to allow users to manage the promotions.

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  1. Might also make sense to let the artist manage the settings…
    Meaning, if I’m a baby band that plays metal, and I put my merch on sale, and my mommy and daddy and their friends buy my merch, and then go buy the new Celine Dion double-CD, the cross-promotion is bad and gives my metal band a band look…

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