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How Did Riff Raff Become The Video King Of Vine?

Riff-raff-neff-teeRiff Raff is that kind of rapper that puzzles people with his over-the-top persona that doesn't map easily to the old school template. But that's cause he's a Southern boy by way of Houston so think grills, syrup, ridiculous tattoos, shady dives and Deep South legends and you'll get the picture. Somehow Riff Raff took those elements and turned them into both a record deal with Diplo's Mad Decent and a growing rep as Video King of Vine.

It's funny how many writers question whether Riff Raff is for real. I guess they're not from the South, which does indeed include Houston, cause everybody down here grows up knowing somebody like that.

Be that as it may, Riff Raff, in addition to building a career as a rapper with his first studio album expected out later this year, has become the Vine equivalent of a YouTuber. Though he is appearing on "One Life to Live" next month and he may have influenced James Franko's character in "Spring Breakers," Vine may be the perfect venue for his talents which may or may not include acting but certainly include being a character.

Riff Raff's Twitter account is the main stage for his Vine distro. But recently people have been posting whole series of Riff Raff Vines.

The Daily Dot's Chase Hoffberger claims that the following Vine is intended to show us "how good of an actor he'd be if Harmony Korine ever wanted to cast him in a crime drama."


Now there's no way you could get famous off Vines like that. Potholes In My Blog has a much better eye and shows it in "Our 20 Favorite RiFF RAFF Vine Videos."


Now that's the Riff Raff that's claimed our hearts.

BuzzFeed takes a more thematic approach featuring Riff Raff Food Vines.

Enter The Delaware Punch

I guess he just can't help acting the fool, I mean, sharing his acting skills.

So how did Riff Raff become Video King of Vine?

I'm still not sure though it seems to involve being fully himself at all times and unleashing an avalanche of content that gives viewers and the media as much Riff Raff as they can handle.

[Thumbnaill image of Riff Raff's Neff tee via Karmaloop.]

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