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The Challenges Facing Indie Musicians: Interview With Reimut Van Bonn

Vut_dt_biggerBy Andrew Apanov of Dotted Music and Stand Above The Noise.

What does it take to be a musician? A regular listener (and, sometimes, even a music business person) doesn't always realise how many challenges are associated with building a career in music. We talked to Reimut Van Bonn, an indie musician and a representative of VUT (German Association Of Independent Music Companies) about the issues artists face today.

Reimut Van Bonn On The Challenges Facing Indie Musicians

00:54 - Keeping the rights to your music.

01:46 - Social media: the good and the bad.

03:40 - The way music is discovered these days.

04:56 - Listeners don't understand how the music world works.

05:39 - The challenges of making a professional music career.

08:11 - Two things to succeed in music.

10:30 - The music industry is changing.