Think A Big Festival Play Can Make You A Star? Jimmy Kimmel Proves Fest Fans Are Oblivious [VIDEO]

2 girlsSo much for fan engagement… Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to Coachella to interview attendees
about the bands they were most excited to see. But the band's they were asking about – The Obesity Epidemic, The Chelsea Clintons, Shorty Drizzle and the Plumbercracks – don't exist. WATCH:

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  1. It’s pretty clear to me that the person with the mic asked the fans about legitimate bands, then over-dubbed the questions you hear in the video in post.
    The timing is unnatural and the sonic quality of the interviewer doesn’t seem to fit in with the ambience of the video.
    If anything, Jimmy Kimmel’s bit proved that people are easily fooled, don’t listen critically and want to believe that the typical young festival goer are out of touch and idiots.
    I could be wrong but listen through this lens and decide for yourself.

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