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Twitter Music: Musician Influencers Review App, Tech Bloggers Search The Code

Twitter-musicLast week ended with No Twitter Music For You but "influencers" got to experience it so now you know you're not! Some of them, including Wiz Khalifa, The Glitch Mob and Soft Reeds, tweeted about the awesome experience they were having while the rest of us weren't. And tech blogs spent Friday putting their spin on the revelations of code detective Youssef Sarhan.

As speculation and rumor had it, Twitter Music did launch on Friday but only to special people known as "influencers" such as Ryan Seacrest:


So Ryan didn't reveal anything interesting or surprising but he's there for the mass market. Then again, despite having almost 10 million supposedly human Twitter followers, Seacrest's two tweets on the matter resulted in a combined total of 302 retweets and 221 favorites as of early Monday morning.

Not so Wiz Khalifa who helped the news spread a bit further among his nearly 10 million supposedly human Twitter followers:


But based on the handful of tweets retweeted by the Twitter Music account, this influencer tactic hasn't amounted to much so far. At least, not on Twitter, though maybe the weekend got in the way.

Nevertheless The Glitch Mob dug it:


As did Soft Reeds:


But lots of tech bloggers were writing about it and most of them were linking to a post by Youssef Sarhan handily summed up by Drew Olanoff at TechCrunch.

Twitter Music will be/do/have:

  • Both web interface and separate downloadable app
  • Pull in Tracks from iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Rdio
  • YouTube and Vevo integration
  • We Are Hunted’s charts feature
  • Turn playing tracks on/off
  • Track purchasing
  • Tweet a track

Plus "Explicit Tracks"!


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