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Twitter Opens #Music To All

image from After several days of celebrity-only access, this morning Twitter opened its new web and iPhone app based music service to the general public. Twitter #music uses Tweets and engagement to detect the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Song plays on Twitter #music pull from three sources: iTunes for 30 second previews and if you're a premium subscriber, full tracks from Spotify or Rdio.

The look and feel of the app borrow's heavily from We Are Hunted, the music discovery site which Twitter bought last month. Rumored tie-ins with VEVO and others are not part of the launch, but Twitter says it will "continue to explore and add other music
service providers."
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The #music service is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland,
Australia and New Zealand. Twitter says they will be adding Android as well as more countries.

Fan Engagement

Providing an effectiive way for artists to share with fans, #Music also highlights
artists’ music-related Twitter activity: go to their
profiles to see which artists they follow and listen to songs by
those artists. Users can tweet songs right from the app.

For example, Oif you want to listen to music from the artists Wiz Khalifa follows,
you can search for his name using the search icon in the top right
corner. Then tap one of the artists you’re interested in and hit the
play button to begin listening, or press play on the player to listen to
all the artists.

Music Discovery

Users interested in the songs that have been tweeted by the artists
and people they follow on Twitter, can navigate to #NowPlaying.

And users discover new songs, they can tap the spinning disc in the lower left corner. This
opens the player, from which they can tweet the track.

To Get Twitter #Music

Download Twitter #music from the iTunes App Store, or use the web version at


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  4. Yeahhhh I think Twitter should solve this trust problem…. If I were a brand I wouldn’t invest in twitter. I do agree, Justin Bieber is all fake.

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