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Why Not Crowdfund Your Music App?

Jordan-rudessMobile music apps now cover the gamut from album-related projects to music tech startup products. And a number of such apps have been successfully crowdfunded on the major crowdfunding platforms. Now a new wave of platforms is emerging focused entirely on apps and offering even more options for funding your music app.

Music apps account for some solid crowdfunding successes, including Bodies and Beats, an "art-music hybrid app that turns you into a digital mashup artist."

We've also seen some big failures such as Bjork's attempted port of the Biophilia App for Android and Windows 8.

Currently Jordan Rudess (shown above) is in the early stages of a PledgeMusic campaign that includes releasing a solo piano album as a "completely interactive iOS app experience."

All the crowdfunded music apps I've encountered to date have been funded or are being funded through major platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and PledgeMusic. But a new group of crowdfunding platforms have emerged with a focus on apps.

Crowdfunding Platforms for Apps




SellanApp is particularly unique in that you crowdfund your app concept. SellanApp connects you with a developer and you'll receive a percentage of revenue from sales as will supporters.

AppsFunder also treats funders as investors and Appsplit offers a more complex array of options from fundraising to selling your app source code.

Using these specialized platforms seems most relevant to people creating apps that do things with music rather than turning albums into apps. They cater more to a business crowd seeking to invest than to groups of fans looking to support and participate in a creative project.

But if you are thinking about turning your music into a game or something similar that might go beyond music fans, these new crowdfunding platforms are worth a look.


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