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Writing Room With Dave Days Pairs YouTubers With Pro Songwriter/Producers

Writing-room-albumWriting Room is a new YouTube series hosted by YouTube musician Dave Days who's built a huge following online. The series pairs popular YouTubers with professional songwriter/producers and suggests some interesting dynamics as the two worlds crossover. In fact, that crossover seems to be an emerging theme right now and so this show potentially represents one aspect of the next stage of development for YouTube stars.

YouTube media company and talent management firm Big Frame launched the new Writing Room series yesterday on their Bad Planet channel:

"Each episode takes the viewer through the songwriting process followed by the release of an original music video and final track, to be made available for purchase on Google Play, Amazon, Topspin and other major digital download services for $.99. Big Frame will also release a Writing Room album featuring all 10 original tracks for $8.99."

Writing Room with Dave Days – Official Teaser

Dave Days (1.5M subs/335M views), who is said to have sold over 500k singles on iTunes, is the host and also has an episode. But the first episode features Alex G and results in both a 8 and half minute video featuring her collaboration with Nick Bailey and Ryan Ogren and the resulting music video.

Each individual song is sold on iTunes as is the "Writing Room" album which is already available. Topspin is also involved and their Writing Room page has the full schedule of upcoming episodes.

Sarah Penna, Big Frame Co-founder and Head of Talent, states:

“Making money from music on YouTube has always been a challenge for YouTube artists. With ‘Writing Room,’ we’re creating a direct to purchase opportunity for the artists on the show and giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the anatomy of songwriting.”

It's an interesting concept that also brings to mind the Made in 48 series that's only seen one episode to date but produced a single and a music video as a collaborative effort over a short period of time. The pairing of YouTubers and people in the professional music world also brings to mind the recent announcement regarding Hipset's plans to pair the artists with whom they work with YouTube music stars.

Obviously these are all rather different projects and pairing people to create something together for a tv episode has a long tradition. But the idea of connecting YouTubers to people in the music industry seems especially timely as a new stage of development.

It will be interesting to see if this experience moves some of the YouTube stars in new directions.


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