8 Ways Musicians Can Gain Media Coverage Indirectly [Kosha Dillz]

Photo-21By indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

It's not all the times that promotion promotion promotion of your brand/band will get you where you want to be. In fact, real tastemakers are far too tired for that and are looking for something deeper and more exciting.

Why not take a risk?

Come up with a word or have a store open for a limited time. Throw an extravagant party or a theme party. Make a festival happen. Let something else become popular that is not actually you or your brand. Do something nice for someone. Relink with your local high school sports team. Start writing passionately about something that is not you! Stop selling yourself. (I should take my own advice…trust me!)

Here is a list of 8 things that can put you on your way to more attention, without even demanding it in some crazy email to some writer or publicist.

1. Make up your own word.

Smang it = Smash it and bang. Believe it or not, there are other Youtube pheomenons out there besides the ones you know of. Turquoise Jeep has a great video with over 10,000,000 views called "Smang It." The word did not exist until then.

@turquoisejeep is known to "Smang It," keep it "Fried or Fertilized" and now fill up rooms of 500-1000 people from making up a word.

2. Become a writer – not just a song writer.

Although it's all over the US media of the touring circuit, Kitty Pryde has written articles that have been covered by Noisey Media. She does everything from interview people to write pieces that are quite off centered. Regardless I think she shines as a writer and can def end up speaking at universities in the near future in the same manner as Lil B.

3. Throw your own festival.

All of a sudden every year, Murs finds himself on various news radios and receiving massive media coverage for not just being a rapper, but being a curator and programmer of an awesome event. Murs has gained a lot of music fans for his curation skills.

4. Have the exclusive velvet rope merchandise.

@40Oz_van is someone who has the hat game on lock. I ordered a snap back for a total of $51 and was completely happy with it. He controls a market that only has a 24 hr. store and sells out sometimes before the 24 hr. period. If you don't get it, you're out of luck. But if you do have it, you will be part of an inner circle that has the special edition. I am more a fan of the brand of his exclusiveness rather than the actual hat. But I guess now I am a fan of his awesome hats too! He simply created a movement by making the "thing" not about himself.

5. Throw an awesome party. The most awesome exclusive party ever.

Gig-It is a really cool brand. Not only do they have a video game where you can control your own concert creation, from dressing the artist (including me, @koshadillz) to picking the songs you play, but they introduced the crowd to their game with performances from 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled, Nas and ice cream cones in sand filled shot glasses along with miniature pecan pies. Imagine if all gigs were like this? I can't wait to Gig-It! In fact, I respect them for doing that. What a way to get them talking…

BTW, you don't have to be so extravagant. You can throw a party that is free and give out homemade cupcakes and have it hosted by a vertically challenged person. People will want to know more and it'll get people talking. As long as you are having fun, people will want to know more.

6. Run a race for charity.

Damn. Remember when you were athletic and excited? Did you ever get involved in cross-fit? Some of the most exciting people in the world are those who are not athletically challenged. if you are…sign up for a 5k and try to make 3 miles. You will be surprised how much support you get and new people you meet along the way. You can pick a charity or just try to finish the race if you have that much trouble.

Check out concretehero.org for a race you might want to do.

Matt Diamond of Diamond Media 360 does PR as his main gig, but also hits marathons and tough mudders along the way. Check out toughmudder.com. Now is your chance to become part of a group that you have no clue what it entails. All I can tell you is that it has raised over $5,000,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

7. Volunteer with kids + local sports.

At the end of the day, a lot of the real players are mature enough to take care of the kids they create in the world. What have you done for the babies lately? It's never too late to lend a helping hand locally. I am an assistant coach with the wrestling team in my town in NJ. Whether you are a star, superstar, or one in the making…take some time out to give back. Sure you might lose a few hours you could've spend working, but you are probably so in your head about working, this may be the best thing for your work.

Did you know Masta Ace is a big time local football coach in NJ?

8. Get an interesting side job / main job.

I recently realized that my passion for garage sales is so real that I made an album called "Gina and The Garage Sale." On occasion I want to list things on eBay and I am really considering doing it full time. I used to deliver pizza full time as well and book shows while delivering pizza. I know a rapper who actually sells socks. What sounds more interesting to you in a press release choice?

a. Cook/Rocker

b. Delivery guy/Rapper

c. Drug Dealer/Rapper

d. eBay seller/Rapper

e. Sock seller/Rapper

What do all of these things have in common? They are all things done for someone or something else other than the rapper/band or brand directly. Each number listed above removes the brand/band from the event/act and makes you engage with humans and be perceived on a different level.

A lot of you wouldn't know who I am unless i wrote these things anyway! See… 🙂

@koshadillz is an artist-preneur who is currently on tour with the YouTube phenomenon @turquoisejeep. In between his touring schedule, he gets to write cool articles, work out at 24 hr fitness, speak Hebrew with his Mom on the phone, and kick it with 2 Chainz in random cities. He used to deliver pizza full time and sell drugs and go to jail a lot but now he is a really nice guy.

Kosha Dillz has merch at koshadillz.bigcartel.com. Check out his latest music video "Hangin' Out."


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