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Lively Launches Concert Recording & Sales App

Lively High Res LogoLaunching today, concert recording and sales app Lively offers a simple way to record and sell live recordings immediately after the show. Available for Android and iOS, Lively is led by startup veteran Dean Graziano.

Graziano's previous ventures include Visible Technologies, which
has raised $50 million for reputation
management and social media software, and Reach Machines, which
merged to create Meteor Solutions and was acquired late last year by Covario.

How Lively Works

image from kenrockwell.comDesigned to be used with the Apogee Duet audio interface, Lively’s Audio Manager provides the software and online purchase and download tools required for an artist to capture and sell quality
audio (and with other gear, video) of their shows.

The Apple and Android app stores take about 30% and Lively splits the remaining revenue 70% artist and 30% to the company.  Lively also provides analytics

Concert-goers download the free Lively app onto their Android and iOS devices which allows them to
purchase the performance immediately after the concert for
$4.99 for audio or $9.99 for both audio and video.

Lively concept came about in response to the overwhelming number of fans we
observed at concerts who were attempting to use their phones to capture the
experience and memory of a live show and share it with their friends,” said Graziano. "Lively has introduced a new way to deliver a
high quality experience for the fans and help drive new incremental revenue and
exposure for the bands.”

Here's a a video demo:

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