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Muzeek Developing Intuitive Gig Booking Platform

Muzeek-logoMuzeek is a new gig booking platform that hopes to go beyond simply being a handy booking tool and towards something a bit more powerful. In addition to taking care of agreements, bookkeeping and payments, Muzeek hopes to build a self-reinforcing community to ensure good behavior from acts, promoters and venues. Beyond that they see Muzeek as an "intuitive booking platform" that can ease the booking process based on data.

I heard from Muzeek's co-founder and Creative Director Danny Fiorentini sharing some of his thoughts regarding their new gig booking platform.

Launched earlier this year, Muzeek currently offers a clean, well-designed framework on which to build:

"Upon creating a profile, users agree to allow Muzeek to offer legal booking arrangements, invoicing and payment through PayPal. The Muzeek interface acts as an entire content and scheduling management system, including a messaging platform to negotiate offers and attach additional files, a full­fledged calendar and additional significant features. From virtually anywhere on the web, venues can book artists, artists can book venues, promoters can book both; artists can even book other artists."

"Payment is not sent from booker to bookee until an actual performance takes place. The booker “pledges” an offer amount, that meets an optional minimum…If the artist accepts the booking and plays the show, the booker agrees to pay that amount in full within seven days."

Muzeek also offers embeddable BOOK buttons that can be placed on artists' websites and social media accounts. These faciliate booking wherever interaction occurs.

Examples of the BOOK button can be found in the wild on the following sites:

I Know Leopard ( site)

Moondog Matinee (Facebook tab)

Extreme Gelati (blog sidebar)

Fiorentini updated the initial product news with the clarification that though Muzeek continues to be free for artists, bookers will be paying an additional 8% fee on top of each booking.

In addition, he described their efforts moving towards being an "intuitive booking platform":

"Internally we're an intuitive service using data intelligence to connect artists, venues and everyone in-between – meaning artists will pick the right venues to play and venues will pick the right artists to play."

"Our profiles will contain all relevant stats and data, essentially becoming significantly smarter 'electronic press kits' that update in real time. Show lists and calendars will be embeddable anywhere, essentially becoming the source for all shows as they are either booked in real time (or manually 'announced' if kept a secret for festivals, etc.)"

Forthcoming features include:

"'Collectives' profile pages for Labels/Agencies that can link all of their managed artists or venues, notifying venues when 'favorited' artists are in town, 'panic' feature for cancelling artists, and tons more."

The overall aim is to build a system that enforces fair treatment and good behavior through the power of transparency and collective voice. If Muzeek can find critical mass, it should be quite a usefull service with far more potential than a simple booking tool.


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