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Rhapsody Adds Liner Notes, A 1st For Digital Music

image from www.bluesour.comAt the Music Biz 2013 Conference today in LA, Rhapsody, announced that it is adding liner notes and credits to it's digital music offering. Credits for songwriters, background performers, producers and
engineers are being added to the song title, album,
and featured artist listed on other music services.

Rhapsody users can now search for music by a
songwriter, specific producer, or featuring a specific session musician, for example. Full implementation of the credits will occur over the coming months. Examples at launch include Dave Grohl, Paharell and Timbland. 

Other digital music services may soon follow Rhapsody's lead. Alongside the Rhapsody announcement, The RIAA launched a “Give Fans The Credit” initiative which advocates for the inclusion of credits for
songwriters, non-featured performers such as session musicians and
backing vocalists.

“Rhapsody listeners are avid music fans who value the craft of musicianship and recording, and they want to know who was involved in bringing a song to life,” said Jon Irwin, president, Rhapsody. “We have a responsibility to our listeners to back this initiative, and further, view the inclusion of more complete credits as a truly useful feature that will only deepen our listeners’ connection to their favorite artists and songs.”

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