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DistroKid Launches Much Cheaper TuneCore Alternative #SFMusicTech

Distrokid-logoOne man founding army Philip Kaplan debuted DistroKid yesterday at SF MusicTech Summit. DistroKid was originally a feature on Fandalism, Kaplan's social network for musicians, that offered low-cost uploading to digital music stores iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. He's now spun it off and is intent on making it "truly the best system in the world for uploading music to stores."

Philip Kaplan, founder of among other accomplishments, is now single-handedly running both Fandalism and the newly launched DistroKid. It sounds like a lot of work but, as he told Anthony Ha at TechCrunch:

"I have been building these companies that can be run by one person...I’ve automated absolutely everything...Every now and then there will be a problem, and rather than just fixing a problem, I have to build a system to fix the problem."

Obviously that wouldn't work for companies that create products requiring personal attention to customers but Kaplan's focus is on automated systems providing services to large numbers of people.

DistroKid Launches at SF MusicTech

DistroKid is the newest. Launched yesterday at SF MusicTech Summit, DistroKid is basically a spinoff of Fandalism Distro.

The core features of DistroKids and Fandalism Distro are pretty much the same thing at launch. DistroKid customers receive:

One upload for free

One musician or band can upload unlimited songs & albums for $19.99 a year

"Distributors" are now called "Labels" and can upload music from unlimited musicians starting at $79.99 a year

However DistroKids has added Amazon to the iTunes, Spotify and Google Play stores.

Kaplan emphasizes musicians' need for cheaper services and doesn't think cost should get in the way of having one's music on major stores.

He also claims DistroKid is much faster at delivering music to online stores than competing services.

Kaplan Wants DistroKids to Be "Best System in the World"

Kaplan originally added Fandalism Distro to attract more members to his social network. But he saw that many were joining just to use the upload features so now he's shifted his goals, telling Anthony Ha:

"I just sort of bit the bullet and said, 'If I want this to be truly the best system in the world for uploading music to stores, it should be its own thing.'"

On Twitter Kaplan makes it clear there's more to come for DistroKid, discussing additional upload destinations and an eventual iOS app.


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