Tips From A Start-Up Guide For Musicians

Startup-guide-music-adviceThe Unsigned Guide's newly released "A Start-Up Guide" includes tips on "sending your demos out successfully, how to get your music & videos featured on blogs and the basics on music publishing and how you could be earning money from it." The three short articles in Part 1 of this free digital zine cover some solid basics and make for a quick interesting read.

Part 1 of "A Start-Up Guide" with tips from The Unsigned Guide, Radar Music Videos and Sentric Music is available from The Unsigned Guide.

Tips From A Start-Up Guide For Musicians

Demos: Making sure your music doesn’t end up in the bin!
by The Unsigned Guide

"Don’t just blanket!"

"Whilst it may be tempting to wing your music out to the whole world and see what comes back, you are ultimately wasting your time and wasting the time of the music companies in question. Take your time to investigate a little further initially."

"We hear from many companies listed in the Guide who say they regularly receive demos from Rock bands when they are a Hip-Hop specialist, and so on. Most listings in The Unsigned Guide tell you the genres that the company in question specialises in, plus other artists that are on their roster, so take heed!"

"It can also be worth taking a quick look at their website, having a listen to releases on SoundCloud and so on, to make sure you are barking up the right tree before you hit the Send button."

How to get your music video featured on blogs
by Radar Music Videos

"Choose which of your 10 blogs you would most like to premiere your video. Send the journalist your press release and an exclusive invitation to premiere your music video. Let the journalist know that if they would like to premiere your video, you will tweet and post on Facebook about it and send out a newsletter special to your fans, linking to their blog."

WTF is Music Publishing?!
by Sentric Music

"As a music publisher I look after your songs. Songs that YOU have written. Just by writing the song you’ve created a copyright; a piece of intellectual property that can be exploited to generate income. (on a side note; the word ‘exploited’ in this usage doesn’t carry the negative connotations you may think it has when you read it elsewhere. To ‘exploit’ in this sense is to simply extract the intrinsic value of something – and your music, no matter how brilliant or rubbish, has value)."


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