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Top 3 Tips For Music Marketing With Vine

Action-bronson-vine4Vine, the 6 second, string 'em together, looping video app for iOS made popular via Twitter's acquisition (which led to lots of media attention), has become an established media tool. This may pass but, for the moment, it's still fresh enough to be usable for music marketing and related creative activities. What you can accomplish with Vine may boil down to 3 things.

While Vine continues to tweak its tweaky tech, it remains limited to iOS though an Android app for Vine is said to be on the way. An Android app will create a whole new wave of Vines and, possibly, new waves of media exposure. However that pans out, sooner is always better than later to pursue marketing concepts relying on new apps and gadgets.

Top 3 Tips for Music Marketing with Vine

1) Do the same stuff you'd do with web video and all those other mobile video apps that came along before Vine.

Honestly, most Vine marketing posts and articles describe the same kinds of things that people have long been doing with web and mobile video. But that doesn't mean they aren't good things to do. Combining familiar tasks with new tech is almost always a good play.

Recent examples include encouraging fans to shoot Vines, as did Jason Derulo to promote a new single, and creating teasers for highly anticipated releases or events, as did Daft Punk with an album tracklist.

2) You're an artist? Do something creative!

Not all musicians are artists per se. Some are hacks, some are technicians, some are a combination of all three. But any reasonably competent musician can come up with something interesting on Vine that will help build their brand just because it's a creative act and most people have been fooled into thinking only artists can be creative.

However, the best case scenario is to do something truly creative yet accessible that relies on Vine's unique attributes as did Noah Wall with his HOME DRONE air organ.

3) Ack A Fool aka Share your unique personality with the world.

Riff Raff isn't the only one building his brand by doing oddball things on Vine. In fact, Action Bronson not only shares his unique personality but ties it into music with a parade of cover songs.

Now go, musician, and see if you can loop your 6 seconds of fame into a full minute!

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