Free Social Media Marketing & Sales Platform For Musicians, Yala Backstage Launches

Logo BackstageYala Music, the leading Arabic based music service, this week announced the launch of Yala Backstage, a free social media marketing platform designed to capture and monetize social media audiences focused around YouTube. Yala Backstage builds on the services offered to major Arabic music stars by Yala on a more individualized basis, and is open to all. has explored a variety of modes of delivery of Arabic music and found particular success with sponsored music downloads. This ad-supported model has allowed for growth both in the Middle East and North Africa and in the U.S.

Yala developed its YouTube-focused social media services for numerous Arabic music stars with a basic model of consolidating artist content on their own channels while resolving pirated and user-generated content issues. In many cases Arabic musicians and their reps had not gone through this process so it greatly increased viewership and social media followings for the artists involved.

Now Yala is opening Yala Backstage:

"A platform providing free services mostly for independent artists. It coordinates multiple tasks simultaneously, from managing the artists’ online presence on YouTube, Yala, Facebook and Twitter, as well as via their mobile applications, to hyping their latest releases and monetizing their content. Add to that, artists may help themselves by, among other things, creating and personalizing their profiles all on their own."

"More specifically, the platform promotes the artists’ work, helping them engage with their fans, forging a deeper artist-fan interaction and driving their business online. As a YouTube Music Partner, Yala Music keeps building day after day…Yala Music Network has 44 channels on YouTube, as well as 150 fan pages on Facebook."

You can sign up for Yala Backstage, with accounts for artists, labels and management, or check out a case study of their prior efforts.

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