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11 Reasons Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

Easelly_visual 1smallSo you’ve been promoting your music and haven’t seen any results…Are you wondering why your efforts aren’t working? You might be only concentrating on social media when you should be promoting in various ways or just spamming people. Check out more reasons why your music self-promotion may not be working on James Moore’s Music Think Tank post.

“Put yourself in the blogger/editor/etc’s position upon opening your email. Why should they take an hour of their time to promote you?” (Read On)


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  1. Music, like widgets, no matter how significant and important it is, or how much the creators/parents love their offspring, doesn’t sell itself. The Beatle’s music on it’s own never sold one single 45rpm. So many bands and artist believe their music is so good it stands on it’s own for selling copies. Nothing can be further from the truth. Music is a “thing” that requires promotion, marketing strategies and distribution just like Ford and GM. And, requires the engines of political forces to raise to the surface of the ever expanding pool of mediocrity.

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