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2013 Winners Of The SF MusicTech Summit Startup Showcase Challenge

Thinkplay-teamThe SF MusicTech Summit Startup Showcase Challenge provides startups the opportunity to demo their services at the Summit. Last week a new batch of interesting startups took the honors and shared their work. Definitely worth a look to see who's making moves often before they're making news

Not all the startups who present at SF MusicTech Summit are strictly music-related, though the Thinkplay team pictured in the thumbnail above certainly are, but those that aren't are clearly relevant to music or musicians.

You can also check the news for a list of 2012's Notable Startups and the winners of February's Startup Innovators Challenge.

2013 Notable Startups from SF MusicTech Summit

Crowd Album – automagically finds photos from concerts and events and pulls them together into one gallery that can be easily shared by the artist/event promoter/organizer.

Dubbler – social platform for the voice.

Fliqq – form location-based groups for sharing content with people you meet in the real world

Melomics – adapts music to the activity and needs of the user, with zero-friction.

Moodsnap – a mood and activity-based music discovery app that seamlessly connects you to music that matches your taste in any situation based on your choice of emotive photos.

Ovelin – online game GuitarBots makes it fun, addictive and motivating to play the guitar.

Soundkeep – an Open Source Music community where a musician can release music in stem/sample form through Creative Commons to the greater community of musicians.

Stagedom – a mobile 2nd screen experience for live events like music concerts.

Thinkplay – will revolutionize the music space by allowing musicians to build, sell, and perform with their own custom made virtual effect pedals.

Wimbo Music – gives people the power to control the individual instruments and vocals that make up their favorite songs.

Above descriptions drawn from SF MusicTech's list of winners.

My Favorite?

Thinkplay's ePedals look really interesting. I especially like the fact that users can create effects and sell them through Thinkplay's marketplace. Here's the full description:

"Thinkplay will revolutionize the music space by allowing musicians to build, sell, and perform with their own custom made virtual effect pedals. We have developed a software that allows musicians to trigger audio clips from notes on their instruments."

"For the first time you could have a DJing guitar player or a dubstep violinist. Entrepreneurial musicians can make money by selling their ePedals to other musicians via our dynamic online marketplace. Think it, play it."


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