An attempt to get Australian Artists off the Twitter Fence. How Twitter has worked for me.

IMG_6672-e1370377127104Ariel Hyatt
of CyberPR recently wrapped up a nationwide tour of Australia. While in there, Ariel found out that Australian musicians weren’t sold on Twitter. In order to show the power of Twitter, she had Australian artist, Broni, talk about his experiences with Twitter and what he has been able to do because of the social media site. Check out what he had to say on Music Think Tank.

“Back in 2009 I had a dream to play in San Diego. 
I organised 20 gigs in 25 days via a series of tweets to San Diegan musicians I’d heard of from (you guessed it) twitter. In that first year, I didn’t talk to a single venue or big-shot booker. I started with the musicians.“

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