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Free E-Book: Divergent Streams – Reflections and Explorations of the Modern Music Industry

image from www.hypebot.comFree e-book, "Divergent Streams – Reflections & Explorations of the Modern Music Industry" brings together a varied and distinguished group of 30 music, technology and media executives, experts and pundits. From Pledgemusic founder Benji Rogers to Forbe's Magazine's Matt Kisser and Richi Mirchandani of to Dolby Labs' Aaron Master, each offers an informed and thoughtful look at the modern music industry today, and more importantly, tomorrow.

A Brief Interview with Divergent Stream Editor Kyle Bylin

Former Hypebot Edtor and Billboard writer Kyle Bylin (@sidewinderfm) is working to reimagine the music industry as part of the Live Nation Labs team and on his blog

:  For
those who aren’t familiar, what is Divergent Streams?

image from m.c.lnkd.licdn.comKyle
:  On a basic
level, the book is an essay collection edited by me and written by friends,
colleagues, and heroes of mine.  I’m fortunate to have access to
incredible people who took their time to write essays and trusted my judgement
on how to help make them better. On an advanced level, this is my attempt to
edit, curate, and publish an array of smaller puzzle pieces that can be
combined to create a larger picture.  I wanted insights into the music and
tech industry that I often couldn’t find anywhere.  So I reached out to
people who have serious stake or perspective to share, and asked them to write
an essay.

:  Tell me
more about the “insights” that you couldn’t find…

:  Long-form
writing about the music and tech industry is often produced by tech news
outlets, generalist publications, and traditional magazines. So the pieces are
too far and in between to follow, too simple to have depth, and too buried to
find.  I wanted to create a book that gave busy, well-read people an easy
way to find compelling content.

The closer you follow the music and tech industry, the less you have to read.
 Once you gain a certain level of understanding, you become prone to
scanning stories and glancing over headlines.  You put the pieces together
yourself and don’t need the writer to spell it out.  I strived to curate
essays with enough insight and depth that they add value for insiders, but are
well-written and finely edited to where they are accessible to those just
getting started.

When I started out, I gained so much value from Steve Knopper and Greg Kot.
 They wrote books that gave enormous insight into a period of the music
industry that I wasn’t alive to experience or old enough to understand.
 But those books came out in 2009, and this industry moves fast.  I
wanted to bring together a collection of essays about the present state of the
industry.  The one that emerged from the chaos that they acutely

Download a copy of Divergent Streams for free.

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