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How I Listen: Bandzoogle’s David Dufresne

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Hypebot has always been about the business of music. But in this new series, How I Listen, we're asking industry leaders and artists to share how they discover and consume music, along with what they are listening to. First up: David Dufresne, the CEO of music web site and marketing platform Bandzoogle.

1) What device(s) do you use to
listen to music? 

iPod Nano  in the car, a Yamaha receiver and a pair of Goodmans speakers
that are older than I am. I also use an old Telefunken turntable, a Logitech
Squeezebox Radio, and a Jawbone Jambox for when I work in the backyard.
Headphones are Grado Labs SR125 and Bowers & Wilkins P5. Computer speakers
are Bowers & Wilkins MM-1. Recently I've been using the iPhone over Airplay
a lot.  

2) What
streaming music service(s) do you use most often?

sometimes use Rdio and Spotify, but mostly I listen to my own mp3s through a
Subsonic server I have installed on my home PC, and the iSub app. Kind of my
own private streaming service. Curation is amazing 😉

Besides recommendations from friends, how do you discover new music?

I've been discovering tons of new music when I travel to conferences and
festivals. There's also a good number of Bandzoogle customers that I have
become a fan of.

4) What
new music are you listening to most this week?

think Valerie June is going to be huge. Her album is excellent. Also on
heavy rotation: Milk Carton Kids, Bibio, the new Mudhoney album, Odezenne
(French hip hop), Junip, Man Or Astro-Man? (surf rock from space) and the
Rebirth Brass Band.

5) Shameless Plug: What are you promoting/launching/planning that you want to

are in the process of migrating all of users to the Bandzoogle 2.0 and we have
a full roadmap of new features we are going to launch over the summer. We're
soon also going to announce an acquisition that we recently completed, and that
will be a new product for us.


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