How I Listen: Future of Music Coalition’s Kristin Thomson

KTheadshot2011In our new series, How I Listen, we're asking industry leaders and artists to share how they discover and consume music. This edition features Kristin Thomson, Co-Director, Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Streams Project.

1) What device(s) do you use to listen to music?

At home: We have a three-zone Sonos system, including one in my office, that lets us stream Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, any webcast station, or music from our own library.

When walking/running: I usually listen to podcasts on my iPhone with Sennheiser headphones.

In the car: either the in-dash radio, or I plug in my iPhone to listen to Rhapsody.

I also have a pair of Klipsch speakers that I've had since I was about 17 that still kill it, as well as a Denon turntable + Onkyo components for vinyl listening.

image from www.sfmusictech.com2) What streaming music service(s) do you use most often?

We've been Rhapsody subscribers since about 2004. Once in a while I use Pandora. I also have an iTunes library, but I rarely access it. And a basement full of vinyl, Cds and 7"s.

3) Besides recommendations from friends, how do you discover new music?

I listen to KEXP streaming a lot, and I love WBEZ's Sound Opinions podcast. If I don't want to program stuff myself, I put on Rhapsody's Weird Beard channel, where I'm bound to hear something I hadn't heard before. And if I'm really stuck for ideas, I turn to a random page in Tom Moon's 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die for suggestions.

4) What new music are you listening to most this week?

Metz (well, new-ish), Savages, Daft Punk, Queens of the Stone Age.

5) Shameless Plug: What are you promoting/launching/planning that you want to share.

Future of Music Coalition is a national nonprofit that advocates for musicians. One of our recent projects is a set of quizzes to test musicians' knowledge of the copyright laws, license agreements and business practices that determine who gets compensated when music is used. We encourage musicians and managers to give the quizzes a go! They're fun, and I guarantee you'll learn something by taking them.


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