MySpace Undead: Key Post Re-Launch Metrics

image from www.digitaltrends.comTwo weeks after launching its new platform, Myspace shared key metrics suggesting that it's new design and refocus on music and entertainment may be rekindling interest among its core millennial audience, despite several misteps. Numbers just two weeks in could just reflect curiosity, in this case sparked by a $20 million ad campaign. But initial 14-day stats that give MySpace reason for hope include:



  • 31 million unique site visitors    
  • 34 percent of that traffic came through mobile
  • 995,000 downloads and updates of the new app
  • Myspace's new app is climbing up the social app chart, moving from 1,300 to 142 in the first 14 days after its debut
  • The Myspace app is consistently ranked among the Top 20 social networking apps


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  1. The fact of the matter is that Myspace has remained one of the top 200 sites visited in the world before this relaunch; so the question is, is this a bump or a trend?

  2. STOP LINKING TO THAT STUPID ARTICLE! That guy is a clown because when he wrote that nonsense, you still had the old site up and could invite your “fans” over to the new site. Now they’ve been transferred over since they closed Old Space down for New Space. So that editorial is misleading & irrelevant.

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